Sandpiper Bakery specializes in handmade pastries, cakes, tarts, savories and sweets. 

We draw inspiration from French, English and American baking and use traditional pastry techniques to create menus that showcase the best of every season. We work closely with local farms, purveyors and artisans to offer the best selection possible. 

We are delighted to be a part of the Gloucester community.

About the owner



For the past two decades Susanne Clermont has lovingly devoted her life to refining the art of baking. From Texas to Europe, over to Maine and finally Boston, Susanne has baked in New England for most of this time. Previously, she owned critically acclaimed Canto 6 Bakery in Jamaica Plain.

Susanne is madly in love with her family, ice cream, peach pie, Motown, swimming, sailing, oysters, reading cookbooks, and of course, pounding butter for croissants.